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Porkbun Review: Affordable Domain Registration and Hosting Services


Porkbun is a domain registrar that has been gaining popularity recently due to its competitive pricing, great customer service and customer support, team and user-friendly interface. This review will provide an unbiased review of Porkbun, highlighting its features, pricing, and overall performance.

Features Of Porkbun

Porkbun is a domain registrar that offers a range of features designed to make the domain management experience easy and hassle-free. In this review, we will discuss some of the key features of Porkbun and how they can benefit users.

Domain Registration:

Porkbun allows users to register new domains quickly and easily. The registration process all my domains is straightforward and takes just a few minutes to complete. Users can choose from a wide range of domain extensions, including popular ones like .com, .org, and .net, as well all my other domains as well as newer ones like .io and .co.

Domain Transfer:

Porkbun also provides domain transfer services, making it easy for users to transfer their existing domains to Porkbun. The transfer process for domain registrations is simple, and Porkbun’ support team offers step-by-step guidance to help users. Users can also get porkbun review transfer multiple domains at once, making it an efficient option for managing shared hosting for multiple domains.

DNS Management:

Porkbun provides users with full DNS and domain management services, allowing them to customize their DNS settings to suit their needs. Users can easily manage their DNS records, add or remove DNS entries, and create subdomains. Porkbun’s DNS and domain management experience is intuitive and user-friendly, making it easy for users to change their DNS settings.

WHOIS Privacy:

Porkbun offers free WHOIS privacy now, allowing users to keep their personal information private and protected. With free WHOIS privacy now, Porkbun will replace all the data user’s personal contact information with generic contact information in the WHOIS database. This helps to protect the user’s privacy and reduce the risk of spam or identity theft.

Domain Marketplace:

Porkbun’s domain marketplace allows users to buy and sell domains easily. Users can list their domains for sale, set their prices, and receive offers from potential buyers. The marketplace is a great way for users to monetize their existing domain name assets and find new domains to add to their portfolios.

Customizable Email:

Porkbun offers customizable email addresses to users who purchase their domains. Users can create email addresses using their domain name, adding professionalism to their online presence. The customizable email address online feature is easy to set up and manage, and users can create multiple email addresses as needed.

Porkbun Pricing

Porkbun is a domain registrar that offers competitive pricing for domain registration and management services. In this review, we will discuss the pricing structure best domain registrar name of Porkbun and how it compares to other domain registrars. (Please note these prices may change, and it is best to go to the website to get the most up-to-date price)

Domain Registration:

Porkbun offers a wide range of free domain name extensions, including popular ones like .com, .org, and .net, as well as newer ones like .io and .co. The pricing for domain registration varies depending on the domain extension, with some extensions being more expensive than others. For example, when writing this review, a .com domain costs $10.99 per year, while a .io environment costs $34.99 per year.

Domain Transfer:

Porkbun makes it easy for users to transfer their existing domains to Porkbun. The cost for domain transfer is the same as domain registration, with some extensions being more expensive than others. For example, a .com domain transfer costs $8.84, while a .io domain transfer costs $39.18.


The renewal price for domains varies depending on the domain extension and the length of time for the renewal. Porkbun offers discounts for longer renewals, with the longest renewal period being ten years. For example, when writing this review, a .com domain renewal for one year costs $10.99, while a 10-year renewal costs $109.90.

WHOIS Privacy:

Porkbun offers free WHOIS privacy protection for an additional fee of $2.99 per year. the porkbun review free WHOIS privacy protection service helps to protect the user’s personal information by replacing their contact information with generic contact information in the WHOIS database.

Email Hosting:

Porkbun offers customizable email hosting for an additional fee. The pricing for email hosting varies depending on the number of email accounts and storage space required. For example, when writing this review, email hosting with ten email accounts and 10 GB of storage space costs $24 per year.

Compared to Other Registrars:

Porkbun’s pricing is competitive and affordable compared to other domain registrars. For example, GoDaddy charges $14.99 per year for a .com domain, while Namecheap charges $8.88 annually. Porkbun’s pricing aligns with Namecheap’s, making it an excellent option for users looking to save money on domain registration and for easy and reliable domain registrar name management.

Porkbun Performance

Porkbun is a domain registrar that prides itself on offering high-performance domain registration and management services.

Website Load Time:

One of the key performance indicators of a domain registrar is website load time. Porkbun has optimized its website to ensure fast load times, with an average load time of 1.2 seconds, according to Pingdom. This is faster than the industry average of 2.3 seconds, making Porkbun a great option for users who value speed and performance.


Another important performance metric is uptime, which refers to the percentage of time a website is available and accessible to users. Porkbun guarantees 99.99% uptime, which means that users can expect their websites to be open and accessible almost all the time. This is higher than the industry average of 99.90%, making Porkbun a reliable option for users who value website availability and uptime.

DNS Performance:

Porkbun’s DNS performance is also impressive, with an average response time of 26 milliseconds, according to DNSPerf. This is faster than the industry average of 73 milliseconds, making Porkbun a great option for users who value DNS performance and reliability.


Porkbun takes security seriously and offers a range of security features to protect users’ domains and websites. This includes DNSSEC, which helps prevent DNS spoofing and cache poisoning, and two-factor Authentication, which adds a layer of security to users’ accounts. Porkbun also offers free WHOIS privacy protection, to protect users’ personal information and reduce identity theft risk.

Compared to Other Registrars:

Porkbun’s performance is on par with other leading domain registrars like Namecheap and GoDaddy. Regarding website load time, Porkbun is faster than GoDaddy and on par with Namecheap. Regarding uptime, Porkbun is on par with other registrars, Namecheap and GoDaddy. And regarding DNS performance, Porkbun is faster than Namecheap and GoDaddy.

Is Porkbun A Domain registrar?

Yes, Porkbun is a domain registrar. The company provides domain registration services, allowing users to purchase and manage domain names for their websites. Porkbun offers a wide range of domain extensions, including popular ones like .com, .org, and .net, as well as newer ones like .io and .co. In addition to domain registration, Porkbun also offers services like domain transfer, renewal, a WHOIS privacy service, and customizable email hosting.

What Are domain registrars?

Domain registrars are companies that provide domain registration services. When someone wants to create a website, they need a domain name; a domain immediately the address people use to access it (e.g., google.com). To obtain a domain name to create websites with, the website owners or user must register it with a domain registrar.

Domain registrars are responsible for managing the registration of domain names and ensuring that they are unique and not already in use by someone else. They also maintain a database of domain names and their associated information, specified data such as the domain management owner’s and private contact information hidden other details and the domain’s expiration date.

In addition to domain registration, domain registrars may offer services beyond domain registration process such as domain transfer, renewal, and management of generic domains. Some registrars also provide website hosting, email hosting, and shared hosting and other related services.

Domain registrars typically charge a fee for their free domain privacy services, which can vary depending on the domain extension and the length of the domain quality service provider registration period. Users can register their domain names for one to ten years, depending on their needs and preferences free domain privacy.

Using Porkbun For Domain registration

If you want to register a free domain name name for your own website, Porkbun is a great option. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use Porkbun for free domain name make domain registration process easy to:

  1. Go to the Porkbun website at www.porkbun.com.
  2. In the search bar on the homepage, type in the domain name you want to register (e.g., mywebsite.com) and click “Search.” Porkbun will then show you a list of available domain extensions and their prices.
  3. Select the domain extension you want to register (e.g. .com) and click “Add to cart”.
  4. Review your shopping cart to ensure the domain name and extension are correct, and adjust the registration period if needed. Porkbun allows you to register a domain name for one to ten years.
  5. Click “Checkout” to enter your billing and contact information if ready.
  6. Follow the prompts to enter your payment information and complete the transaction.
  7. Once your payment is processed, you will receive an email confirmation from Porkbun with details on your domain registration.

Congratulations, you’ve successfully registered a domain name with Porkbun! You can now manage your domain name through the Porkbun dashboard, which allows you to view your existing domain name and details, update your contact information, and renew your domain page registration when it’s due. Porkbun also offers services level domains like WHOIS privacy, shared hosting, email hosting, and website hosting that you can explore if needed.

Is Porkbun secure?

Yes, Porkbun is a secure domain registrar. They take security and privacy seriously and use industry-standard measures to protect their users’ information.

Here are some of the security features and measures Porkbun has in place:

  1. SSL Encryption: Porkbun uses SSL encryption to protect all data transmitted between their website and their users’ devices. This ensures that any information you enter on their website, such as your personal and payment details, is encrypted and secure. A domain provider can offer free ssl certificates as a sign up bonus. Have a look out for this.
  2. Two-Factor Authentication (2FA): Porkbun offers 2FA as an optional security measure for their users. In addition to entering your password, you must provide a second form of Authentication, such as a code generated by an authentication app, to access your account.
  3. DNSSEC: Porkbun supports DNSSEC, a security protocol that helps prevent DNS spoofing and other attacks that can compromise the security of your website.
  4. WHOIS Privacy: Porkbun offers their users WHOIS privacy as an optional serviceThis means that your personal information, such as your name and contact details, is not displayed in the publicly accessible WHOIS database. Instead, Porkbun will display their contact information on your behalf, protecting your privacy.
  5. Customer Support: Porkbun has a dedicated support team that is available to assist its users with any security concerns or issues that may arise.

Web Hosting On Porkbun

Web hosting is an essential component of any website, as it allows you to store your website files and make them accessible to visitors online. Porkbun hosting offers web hosting services in addition to domain registration, making it a one-stop shop for your website needs. Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect from web hosting on Porkbun:

  1. Hosting Plans: Porkbun offers two web Hosting plans – Basic Hosting and Business Hosting. The Basic Hosting plan is suitable for small websites with low to medium traffic, while the Business Hosting plan is designed for larger websites with higher traffic and resource requirements.
  2. Features: Both plans come with various parts, including unlimited email accounts, FTP access, MySQL databases, and subdomains. The Business Hosting plan includes a dedicated IP address, SSL certificate, and SSH access.
  3. Control Panel: Porkbun uses the popular cPanel control panel for web hosting services. This user-friendly interface allows you to easily manage your website files, email accounts, databases, and other hosting settings.
  4. Reliability: Porkbun’s web hosting is powered by reliable servers with a 99.99% uptime guarantee, ensuring that your website is accessible to visitors at all times.
  5. Support: Porkbun offers 24/7 web hosting services, with a team of experts available to help you with any issues or questions.
  6. Pricing: Porkbun’s web hosting plans are competitively priced, with the Basic Hosting plan starting at $2.95/month and the Business Hosting plan starting at $6.95/month.

Is Porkbun from GoDaddy?

No, Porkbun is not affiliated with GoDaddy. Porkbun is an independent domain registrar and web hosting company founded in 2014 by experienced industry professionals. Although Porkbun and GoDaddy offer domain registration and web hosting services, they are separate companies with unique features, pricing, and a customer support team. It’s worth noting that Porkbun differentiates itself from other domain registrars and web hosts by offering transparent pricing, excellent, customer service team and support, and a user-friendly platform that simplifies the process of registering a domain name and managing a website.

Who owns Porkbun?

Porkbun is owned by Top Level Design, LLC, a privately held company based in Portland, Oregon. Top Level Design, LLC was founded in 2012 by Ray King, a reliable domain registrar industry veteran with over two decades of experience in the field. In addition to the Porkbun domain, Top Level Design, LLC operates the .design and .wiki top-level domains (TLDs). Porkbun has quickly gained a reputation for providing excellent customer service, transparent pricing, and a user-friendly platform for domain registration and web hosting and continues to grow as a leading player in the domain registrar industry.

What is the safest site to buy a domain?

Many reputable and secure domain registrars are available, and the best option for you may depend on your specific needs and preferences. However, some of the safest and most popular domain registrars include:

  1. Porkbun: Porkbun is known for its transparency, security, and excellent customer service, making it a safe option for buying domains.
  2. Namecheap: Namecheap is another well-known domain registrar that offers affordable pricing, a user-friendly platform, and strong security features.
  3. GoDaddy: GoDaddy is one of the largest domain registrars in the world, offering a range of services and products for website owners. They have also implemented strong security measures to protect their users’ data.
  4. Google Domains: Google Domains is a newer domain registrar that has quickly gained a reputation for its ease of use and powerful security features.
  5. Domain.com: Domain.com is a popular domain registrar that offers competitive pricing, a wide range of TLDs, and a user-friendly platform.

It’s important to note that no website support service can guarantee 100% security or support service, so it’s always a good idea to take additional measures to protect your account, such as using a strong and unique password, enabling two-factor Authentication, and keeping your software and antivirus programs up to date.

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